GRAPEVINE, Texas — Two weird pulsars serve as extremely powerful and accurate cosmic clocks — some of the time. Pulsars are extremely dense neutron stars that form when massive stars collapse. They are known for releasing rapid, even pulses of radiation as they spin. But these two newly discovered Milky Way pulsars do something stranger: They suddenly begin firing off radio waves consistently, only to abruptly “turn back off” again and disappear from radio telescopes’ view. In this “cosmic vanishing act,” one of these pulsars appears “on” for only 30 percent of the time, while the other dips as low as 0.8 percent, scientists said in a new study describing the findings.  The strange sparklers can help illuminate the processes that cause pulsars to emit light, and hint… Next »
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California Refinery Damaged By Fire Could Cause Local Gas Prices to Rise An explosion and fire at an oil refinery in Torrance, California, on Saturday forced the partial shutdown of the plant, leading oil traders to expect a spike this week in »
The League of Legends practice tool is now live The League of Legends practice tool Riot revealed last autumn is now live. The tool, as the studio explained in depth last month, is "a simple, straightforward, single-player environment" that »
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Ship traffic, February 22 Ship traffic Due to arrive today SHIP FROM PORT CMA CGM Lyra Long Beach OAK Cosco Fortune Long Beach OAK Dusseldorf Express Vancouver, British Columbia OAK Genava Busan, South Korea »
ZERO RATINGS: Bolton one of worst areas for poor hygiene at takeaways POOR hygiene ratings at takeaways and sandwich shops mean Bolton is one of the 15 worst local authorities for cleanliness. A study of national Scores On The Doors data by »
BlackBerry's Market Share Declines To 0.0% #ad_sharebox_260x60 img padding:0;margin:0; Well, at least it can’t get any worse.A decade after the iPhone and Android smartphones began eating into its sales, BlackBerry’s share of the mobile operating system »
Hong Kong union joins critics of McDonald's HK, China sale, sees pay squeeze The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) warned that McDonald's Corp's (MCD.N) up-to-$2.1 billion sale of its Hong Kong and China operations could hit workers' pay, adding to growing »
California schemin': Dam crisis spotlights split While the immediate threat to some 200,000 Californians has been the focus of the Oroville Dam crisis, the problem accentuates a growing rift between the state’s conservative, mostly rural northern »
Only 1 of 5 suspects faces death penalty in machete slaying MIAMI (AP) — Prosecutors in Florida say they will seek the death penalty only for the ringleader in the machete slaying of a vocational school student. The Miami Herald ( »
Sean Spicer: I Hope Coretta Scott King Would Support Jeff Sessions Today Ugh. Spicer desecrates Coretta Scott King, tells string of lies about Sessions — Tommy Christopher (@tommyxtopher) February 8, 2017 Sean Spicer may have no idea that Frederick Douglass is »
White House adviser Kellyanne Conway “counseled” after Ivanka Trump brand promotion By Julie Bykowicz and Bernard Condon, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — The White House has “counseled” a top aide to President Donald Trump after she promoted Ivanka Trump’s fashion line »
Street Fighter 5 Character Reveal Coming Soon The next character to join Street Fighter V will be unveiled today, Capcom has announced. The following teaser image was posted on the official Street Fighter Twitter account, suggesting the »
Is The Hoverbike About To Make All Our Dreams Of The Future Come True? The above video, currently making the rounds online, is a bit of a nailbiter, not least because those propellers are a little too close to leg severing height for comfort. »
This Indiana Town Wants to Fine a Community Out of Existence on Behalf of Private Developers Members of a small, low-income community in Indiana are discovering that state-level protections that make it hard for cities to seize their property may not be enough. When city leaders »
More Money, More Problems for the Commercial Space Launch Biz Last week was a rough one for the two largest US commercial space launch companies. On Thursday, United Launch Alliance confirmed it would lay off up to 400 people from »
Hallmark competitor Facebook is back at it with Valentine's Day cards What better way to say "I love you" than with a Valentine's Day card on Facebook? Beginning February 13, you'll see a message from Facebook wishing you a Happy Valentine's »
Count Me In For a Pair of Delly 1s in the “Hustle” Colorway For the most part, I refrain from buying signatures shoes of NBA players for one simple reason: I don’t play like them so why would I want to draw unwanted »
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