Fifty shades of yellow. Tom Herman, the new head football coach of the Texas Longhorns, wants his players to remain hydrated. The coach has reportedly gone as far as to post a pee chart in the bathroom locker room for what color urine should be if you’re a Longhorn.’s Anwar Richardson snapped a photo of the chart to show just how “seriously” Herman is taking hydration. If the pee is dark like Texas’ school colors “you are a bad guy.” If it’s dark yellow you “are headed to ‘Area 51’” or are considered a “selfish teammate.” Charlie Strong fired as Texas Longhorns coach after 3 seasons When players hydrate you hydrate the way Herman wants you to be, you’ll have a light color stream… Next »
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Brazil's Odebrecht Admits Bribes Continued Months After Corruption Probe Began A former head of Brazil's fraud-plagued construction conglomerate Odebrecht has revealed that bribes and illegal campaign contributions continued to be paid even one year after the investigations were launched into the largest corruption »
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Google decrees that liberal delusions are now "facts" via circular logic: Only liberal fact-checkers are allowed to determine "facts"  (Natural News) In a normal world, in normal political times, this kind of buffoonery would be easily discernible: Google, one of the world’s largest media companies, is using other media »
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N.O.V.A Legacy, Gameloft’s new Sci-Fi FPS, has launched for free in Google Play N.O.V.A Legacy has launched in the Google Play Store, five years after the release of its popular predecessor, N.O.V.A 3. The new free-to-play first-person-shooter, developed by Gameloft, delivers single and »
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